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The patient fee applies to adults from the calendar year the person turns 20 for online meetings with doctors, psychologists and physiotherapists. High-cost protection and exemption cards apply.

Meeting with Patient fee
Doctor, video/chat 100 SEK per session
Prescription renewal, doctor chat 100 SEK per session
Prescription renewal, contraceptives 0 SEK per session
Psychologist 100 SEK per session
Physiotherapist 100 SEK per session
Health coach 0 SEK per sessions
Personal trainer 0 SEK per sessions

Other fees

A meeting is canceled no later than 24 hours before the booked meeting time. If the visit is not canceled within this time or if you do not join the meeting, a fee of SEK 300 will be charged. This fee applies to all online meetings, ie doctors, psychologists, physiotherapists, health coaches and personal trainers.